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Fall 2020-Spring 2021 Class Schedule

Studio Information​
  • 2021 Tentative Recital Date- May 15th, 2021.

  • 2020 Tentative Winter Showcase Date- Dec. 12, 2021.

  • We open our studio window blinds on the first full week of each month for parent observation. The blinds remain closed for the remainder of the month. 

Dress Code & Shoes

Any color and style of dance attire or leotard may be worn.

  • 3 & 4/5 & 6 Yr./3-6 Yr Old Combo:

      Pink Ballet Shoes & Black Tap Shoes

  • 1st-3rd/4th-6th Jazz & Pom:

        Dance Paws

  • Hip-Hop: Tennis Shoes

  • Ballet: Pink Ballet Shoes

  • Competition Teams:  Capezio Turning Pointe 55 Lyrical Shoe- NUDE/LEATHER **Mascot Team: Angelo Luzzio Twylas- NUDE/LEATHER


​​Policies & Procedures:

  • DC encourages parent involvement by sending information out regularly by Remind 101 texts, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, our website, and occasional handouts. It is expected of the parent to keep up with your dancer`s schedule, events, and dates.

  • DC does not offer makeup classes due to inclement weather, illness, or school functions, etc.

  • Please label all belongings. Lost & Found box is located at the receptionist desk. All lost items will be donated at the end of each month. The studio will not be held responsible for lost or stolen items. Keep all valuables at home to avoid the risk of lost or stolen items.


Policy for payments:

  • Methods of payments can be cash, check, credit/debit card. Auto draft & Credit/Debit card transactions will acquire a 3% convenience fee for each transaction.

  • Monthly fees are to be paid in full. If your account has any outstanding balances past the 15th of the month your dancer will not be able to practice, perform or compete in any DC engagements.

  • There will be no refunds for missed classes. Any refunds will be situationally determined. If a refund is granted, there will be a $10.00 processing fee.

  • You will be notified if your account is overdue. All accounts not paid by the 10th of each month will acquire a $15.00 late fee

  • There will be a $25.00 processing fee for all returned checks or declined credit/debit cards. If any of the account holder’s information were to change within our auto draft system, it is your responsibility to notify DC. If you do not notify us five days before the draft day, you will still be responsible for the $25.00 processing fee.

  • Our Auto draft policy requires a 30-day notice of cancellation. There will be no refunds if a request is not submitted.

Arrival & Departure Policy:

  • Please do not drop your dancer off more than 10 minutes before their class time. Please be ON TIME when picking your dancer up after his/her class time. It is not Dance Connections responsibility to provide child care while in the lobby.

Lobby Expectations:

  • Please be considerate of other customers, as well as our students, while in the lobby of the studio. Please be courteous as dancers & instructors can hear loud noises from the lobby. Siblings of students need to be supervised AT ALL TIMES within the walls of DC.

  • No running or yelling. No playing with water fountain, toiletry items, vending machine, or DC merchandise.

  • All dancer`s siblings under the age of 6 need to be accompanied to the restroom by a parent.

-Class Descriptions-

3&4 Year old Ballet/Tap Combo

This class is geared towards the basics of ballet, tap and jazz while teaching discipline and directional skills. Your daughter will learn to stretch, the 5 positions of ballet, center floor and across the floor dance technique. This class performs 1 routine in our Spring Recital.

5&6 Year old Ballet/Tap Combo

The more advanced level of our 3&4 Yr. old combo, our 5&6 year olds will start learning to count music along with new leaps and turns. This class will prepare your daughter to dance a competitive level. Our 5&6 Combo class moves at a fast, disciplined pace while instilling a passion for dance! This class performs 1 routine in recital. 

1st-3rd Ballet

Our 1st-3rd Ballet class is a solid introductory class into the ballet world! They will learn not only ballet technique, but the terms and definition of each move as well. Your child will learn the gracefulness of ballet while inquiring the skills they need for proper ballet technique. This class performs 1 routine in recital. 

1st-3rd Jazz

This class is all about fun, fast paced jazz moves! We push our jazz classes to new levels! They learn the art of performing while molding themselves into fabulous jazz dancers. If your daughter loves to move, this is the class for her! This class performs 1 routine in recital

1st-3rd Hip-Hop

Our 1st-3rd Hip-hop class is a studio favorite. The girls learn to count music while interpreting the music into hip-hop moves. This class is a way for children to express themselves in ways you didn`t think possible! We keep it clean, classy, and cute! This class performs 1 routine in recital. 

1st-3rd Tap

We are bringing back TAP! Our tap classes will teach your daughter the basics of tap footwork while keeping the rhythm of a song! Center floor tap combinations will keep your daughter moving on her feet! This class performs 1 routine in recital.

2nd-5th Musical Theatre

The high energy class will cover performance, individuality, and the technique within the style of musical theatre. It will combine quick and technical choreography with fun, expressive acting. This class will introduce numerous Broadway plays and allow each student to dabble in self expression. This class performs 1 routine in recital. 

4th-6th Jazz

This class is based upon intense jazz technique! We move quick and precise in this class! Advanced stretching, center and across the floor combinations make this class well rounded. Join us, as your daughter will develop a passion for performing! This class performs 1 routine in recital.

4th-6th Ballet

Our 4th-6th Ballet Class is all about developing a solid ballet foundation for your dancer. From terms and definitions to barre combinations, these girls learn the importance a ballet background. This class performs 1 routine in recital.

4th-6th Hip-hop

This 30 minute hip-hop class is perfect for the dancers who wants to express themselves through dance! Our age & music appropriate hip-hop class teaches your daughter how to keep rhythm with new and innovative dance moves! This class performs 1 routine in recital.

Mascot Team

Our Pre K-Kinder competitive team is the right start for your determined dancer! With advanced stretching, discipline and challenging dance technique, your little one will grow at a fast pace! Mascot Team competes 1 routine at 3 local competitions along with our spring recital. For more information visit our "Company Team" Tab.

Dazzler Team

Our 1st-3rd grade competitive team is a fun but challenging step for your non-stop dancer! These girls learn the importance of teamwork, while developing the skills needed for a competitive dancer. Hard work and determination is instilled in our dancers on Dazzler Team. This team competes 2-3 routines at 3 local competitions as well as our spring recital. For more information visit our "Company Team" Tab! This team is invitation only. 

Dazzler, Int & Junior PREP Team

Our preparatory competitive teams are perfect for the dancer who is wanting to dip their toes into the competition world. This one day a week team will push your dancer to a beginner competitive level. They will learn advanced dance technique while acquiring the importance of hard work and teamwork! This team competes 1 routine at 2 local competitions as well as our spring recital. More information on our "Company Team" Tab!

Intermediate, Junior & Senior Team

Please contact the studio at (281)-356-1822 or visit our "Company Teams" Tab for more information. These teams are invitation only. 

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